We at Emboz are a group of professionals with diverse backgrounds brought together by our passion for traditional Indian paintings. Like the country of their origin, these paintings are both colourful and exquisite but suffer from a lack of visibility.

At Emboz, we are committed to promoting many distinct forms of traditional Indian paintings, while also delivering a unique customer experience for art buyers.


While there exists a niche market for traditional Indian paintings, unfortunately this alone can sustain neither the art forms nor the artisans. Many schools of thought in traditional Indian painting find themselves on the verge of extinction – a last generation of artists endures in a few remote corners of the country, their own children having opted for more lucrative careers elsewhere. Certainly traditional Indian paintings don’t lack in appeal or aesthetic value, but the problem facing traditional Indian art today, we believe, is a result of poor marketing alone.

With Emboz, we hope to create a platform for traditional Indian artists, to showcase their body of work and reach out to a global audience. Through Emboz we aspire to build bridges between artists and customers and create a sizeable market for the different art forms. We plan to do this by offering innovative gifting solutions, online galleries and by actively undertaking corporate and institutional sales. At Emboz we will work towards building greater appreciation for traditional Indian paintings and ultimately, sustainable livelihoods for artists all over India.


At Emboz we are a passionate, honest, professional, committed, disciplined, communicative, ethical, loyal and flexible team with particular emphasis being given to traditional Indian and family values.

We have immense respect for all traditional Indian artists – for their passion, skill and their deep knowledge of the art forms they practice.

We hope to treat them as partners in this endeavour of ours to market and sell traditional Indian paintings.


We commit to deliver authentic traditional Indian paintings to connoisseurs all over the world. We will work towards creating a positive customer experience.

We promise to continually evaluate customer expectations and fine tune our own processes to keep up with the same.

We will work with artists to create paintings that meet different customer aspirations and requirements, but we will do so without ever compromising on the core values of the different art forms.